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The Organique Mattress Pad

  • Certified Certified Organic Latex
  • Certified Certified Organic Cotton
  • Certified Certified Organic Wool
  • Certified Organic
  • 100 Night Guarantee
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The Organique mattress pad provides a protective barrier on top of your new mattress's casing. Choose from two options -- cotton or wool.

The quilted, organic cotton pad, seen in the third image on the left, adds slight cushioning while protecting.

The densely woven wool pad, seen in the first two images, is extraordinarily soft to the touch and is moisture resistant, making it a great choice for cribs and children's beds.

Certified Organic Materials

Certified Organic Materials

Don't be fooled by other mattresses
that call themselves "natural"

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Free Shipping

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"Mattresses are at the same place as cigarettes were in the 1930s, potentially very dangerous and no government warnings."

New York Times
"The effects range from respiratory irritants, to possible hormone disruptors, to cancer."


Our mattress is constructed of certified organic latex, certified organic wool, and
certified organic cotton. Our factory and materials suppliers have been certified by
the following organizations.

GOTS certified
OTCO certified
USDA certified
Confidence in Textiles certified
Confidence in Textiles certified
Confidence in Textiles certified
Confidence in Textiles certified